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Presentation of the Maghreb Catalogue

The National Library of Tunisia, the Institute for Research on the Contemporary Maghreb (Tunis), the Jacques Berque Center (Rabat), and the library of King Abdul-Aziz A-Saoud Foundation for Islamic Studies and Human Sciences in Casablanca, have summoned up their own bibliographic databases to provide researchers and readers alike with a rich catalogue of nearly 1.572.000 records.

It is a matter of the first nucleus of the Maghreb Catalogue which tries to incorporate the bibliographic resources available in the Maghreb, so as to facilitate information access and promote the Maghreb intellectual activity and scientific research.

The Maghreb Catalogue supplies two levels of bibliographic search, namely the basic search and the advanced search that offers more search criteria. The user has access to the bibliographic data contained in these libraries, including data from their electronic resources (online periodicals subscriptions) as well as data belonging to the digital resources forged by either of the four libraries.